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ICG POS Front Rest Software

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The FrontRest Point of Sale software is a very intuitive working tool. To use it you don't need any IT knowledge or training. All sales functions, configuration and statistics have been designed for touch screens: "What you see on screen is what you get", avoiding costly learning processes and possible errors.

Main features of FrontRest
  • User Configuration: all sales functions are user configurable. There are over 110 different functions to customize a user profile based on the user's access.
  • Graphical display: the items are displayed graphically on screen, grouped by families. For the selection of an item only have to dial the section and following the item in question.
  • Images: you can attach images to the items on the sales screen to identify them easily.
  • Fixed items: the top-selling items, even of different sections can be grouped in a special section of 'Fixed items', directly accessible from the sale screen.
  • Screens Tables: living screens and tables are configured by the user, having the tables, counters, etc.. just as in the restaurant. Moreover, the state of the evidence is displayed graphically on screen, being free, occupied, reserved, subtotal,etc.
  • Sales on hold: you may have a pending sale by table, waiter or customer to serve another table or sale.
  • Rates Depending on the schedule: you can apply different rates for sessions. There is an automatic change of rates depending on the time.
  • Daily Menus: FrontRest includes the creation of daily menus can combine items from different sections for the preparation of menus.
  • Distinction in the range of dishes: the program distinguishes between first courses, main courses and sweets.
  • Modifiers: to follow in detail the preparation of dishes, switches can be associated with items (just well-done, with potatoes without salt, etc..)
  • Formats: it provides for the sale of items in various formats (shot, cocktail, glass with ice, etc..) can associate a different price for each format.
  • Combined: FrontRest to create combined elements consist of two items about a format of type 'combo' quickly (whiskey and cola, vodka and lemonade, etc..)
  • Invoicing by time : You can apply time invoicing for items such as pool tables, etc..
  • Invitations: with the option price invitations can be assigned 0 to one, several or all lines in a ticket. Then can be obtained a report containing the extract of all the invitations that have been made.
  • Scale Connection: FrontRest allows the connection of scales for those items that are sold by weight. The program captures the weight that indicates the scale and it shows in the sale screen.
  • Printing kitchen: customer orders can be printed on different printers depending on the item being requested. A meal is printed on the grill or kitchen printer, while a drink is printed bar printer.


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