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Miscellaneous POS Hardware : PW5125EBM24 / PW5125UPS Power On/Off Keys

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The control panel on the front of the Powerware 5125 has the standard set of power on/off keys, along with a few very useful icons which denote the status of several UPS power settings.Looking at the picture just to the left, we find battery mode, service, ground fault, and AC power indicators, as well as a percent-load bar graph. The LED illuminated bar graph indicates at a glance, the percentage load on the UPS from all devices which are plugged into it. If you've overloaded the Powerware 5125 UPS by plugging in too many devices, the red overload LED will light up and an annoying alarm will sound.


Goodson PW5125EBM24/PW5125UPS (5125FXA_Final.442.pdf, 289 Kb) [Download]