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Mounting Solutions : SafeGuard Frame Aluminium for iPad 2/3

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The Spacepole SafeGuard iPad Frame is designed for retail, commercial and public space applications. It is a highly secure and rugged casing designed to protect an iPad in the most challenging public environments. It combines enhanced strength and security features with stylish presentation. The SpacePole iPad Frame can be mounted directly to any flat surface or attached to a range of mounting products.

  • Supports Apple iPad1, iPad2 and iPad3 (The New iPad)
  • Allows for in-built speaker operation
  • Provides physical product security
  • Limits access to the home and power button
  • Covers access to the external audio connector and volume controls
  • Provides power and data cable protection
  • Commercial grade steel casing with aluminium frame for enhanced strength and theft resistance
  • With 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Multimedia Code : 13SG-IPAD2
Manufacturer Code : SPIPF222-ALU