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Mounting Solutions : Telehook Mobile TV Cart with Tray

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The Telehook TH-TVCB mobile TV cart is designed for presentation and education applications. It supports a wide range of heavy weight displays (up to 50kg or 110lbs) thanks to its versatile universal mounting head. It is designed for quick and easy assembly, includes internal cable management and comes with a height adjustable shelf for use with modern media devices. Combining maneuverability with a vast range of display movement and height adjustability, it is the perfect solution for any application where you frequently need to maneuver a medium to large display.

  • All in one solution for education and presentation applications
  • Supports heavy weight displays of up to 50kg
  • Internal cable management
  • Includes a height adjustable shelf for use with modern media devices (DVD, Blu-Ray etc)
  • Designed for quick and easy assembly
  • With 10 Years Manufacturer Warranty
Multimedia Code : 13TH-TVCB
Manufacturer Code : TH-TVCB


13TH-TVCB--1 (6.1.Telehook_TH-TVCB_product_brochure.pdf, 1,577 Kb) [Download]

13TH-TVCB--2 (6.2.Telehook_TH-TVCB_Installation_manual.pdf, 1,179 Kb) [Download]

13TH-TVCB--3 (6.3.Telehook_TH-TVCB_Technical_specs.pdf, 224 Kb) [Download]