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The Elite Evo Freestanding tablet stand offers high-end security in addition to a seamless look and ultimate mobility. This design offers a strong yet minimal frame which features internal cable management and a lockable faceplate complete with barrel key. The Evo Freestanding tablet holder is elevated for enhanced interactivity and ergonomics, but can be easily moved when required. Measuring 11.42” (290mm) high and complete with flexible mounting options, this Elite tablet case coupled with the Evo stand ensures the perfect height for counter top POS and self service kiosk applications. The Elite Evo Freestanding tablet enclosure features a lockable faceplate that secures with a barrel key and four-point lock for ultimate security. As an additional security option, unique key and barrel sets are also available. The Evo Freestanding stand rotates between portrait and landscape mode, making it the perfect solution for both Point of Sale applications and kiosk stands. The Evo stand also features a 40-degree tilt for an adjustable ergonomic design. – The stand is 11.42” (290mm) in height for an elevated stand option – Features a lock function to lock your adjusted rotation and tilt in place – Rotates from landscape to portrait – Includes a 40-degree tilt for an ergonomic design This stand can be placed directly onto a table or countertop as a freestanding option for mobility. Featuring strong grip rubber pads at the base of the stand to eliminate slipping. – Features strong rubber grips to keep stand in place – Easy to move and relocate Discreet cable management ensures your device stays charged without the appearance or hazard of exposed cables. The Elite Evo Freestanding tablet stand features two cable management options including the ability to run your cable from the device through the Elite case and Evo pole, or alternatively, run the cable directly though the included cut out in the case’s rear.


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