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Receipt Printers

POS Receipt Printers

Are you in need of a reliable receipt printer for your point of sale (POS) system? Look no further than POS Central Australia, where you can find the finest selection of top-notch receipt printers. Our thermal printers utilise heat to efficiently generate high-quality receipts. Designed to be durable, our receipt printers are perfect for various types of retail stores and brick-and-mortar establishments. What sets us apart is our unparalleled versatility!

Our receipt printers cater to a wide range of industries, including restaurants, banks, hospitality organisations, and airlines. By choosing our receipt printers, you can minimize queues and expedite the checkout process, ensuring a faster and more convenient experience for your customers. Additionally, our compact-sized receipt printers offer practicality to store owners without compromising functionality. Regardless of the available space, our printers come in various sizes to fit seamlessly into any environment.

At POS Central Australia, we provide extensive warranty terms for our receipt printers. Moreover, our exceptional after-sales service aims to enhance the longevity of your investment. Two standout features of our receipt printers are compatibility and connectivity. These printers seamlessly integrate with third-party POS systems, making them highly versatile. Our store offers receipt printers with multiple interfaces, including Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi, among others. If you have specific requirements for your receipt printer, don't hesitate to reach out to us today!

Element RW80L, 3 inch Thermal Receipt printer, 250mm/s, auto-cutter, Triple Interfaces, USB, Ethernet, Serial, Patent Design of Unique Vertical Double Auto Cutter, Provide Windows, Linux, POSReady, OPOS Driver
$249.00 $169.00 (Inc GST)

Nexa PX610II 80MM USB/Ser/Eth Thermal Receipt Printer. 250mm/sec print speed, 150km Print head 1.5m cut autocutter, Cost effective, Cost effective
$189.00 (Inc GST)


Element RW973 MKII, Max 300mm/s, 58/80mm, Windows/ Linux/ OPOS drivers, 1D/2D barcode supported, dip switch, Reliability: 150km for TPH, 2 million cuts; two paper near end sensors; built-in USB+Serial+Ethernet interfaces,Element RW973 MKII Thermal Receipt Printer, Ethernet/Serial/USB Interfaces, Black (Power Supply and cable included)

$329.00 $229.00 (Inc GST)


SRP-E300 Thermal POS Printer with USB, RS232 & Ethernet interfaces. Black, Paper saving mode, reducing the length of a receipt up to 25%, Printing speed up to 220 mm/sec

$239.00 (Inc GST)


Honeywell Impact Ihr810 Usb+Serial+Eth Thermal Receipt Printer

$239.00 (Inc GST)

Element RW60 Ultra Compact Thermal Receipt Printer, Built-in Ethernet, Serial, USB, Power Supply and cable included, Black
$245.00 (Inc GST)

SAM4s GT-100 USB/RS232/ETH I/F Black Thermal Receipt Printer, Compact Size/Small Footprint, 250mm/sec Printing Speed, SAM4S GT-100 Thermal POS Printer USB, RS232 & Ethernet Interfaces with Power supply, USB Cable & RS232 Cable. Black.
$249.00 (Inc GST)


EPSON TM-T82IIIL ETH PSU BLK INC IEC CBL. Designed for businesses with low volume of POS transactions, All-in-one box with accessories, Ease-of-use features, Ease-of-maintenance features, Paper Saving Function, Features Epson quality and reliability

$273.00 (Inc GST)

EPSON TM-T82IIIL SER/USB PSU BLK INC IEC/USB CBL. Designed for businesses with low volume of POS transactions, All-in-one box with accessories, Ease-of-use features, Ease-of-maintenance features, Paper Saving Function, Features Epson quality and reliability
$279.00 (Inc GST)

Nexa PX700IV 80MM USB/Serial/Eth Thermal Receipt Printer, Now in it's second decade the Nexa PX-700IV is the latest in the popular PX-700 printer series from Nexa.
$279.00 (Inc GST)

HP Value Receipt Printer, Thermal, USB, Serial, Power Supply, Black

Complete your retail solution with the HP Value Thermal Receipt Printer, a single-station thermal receipt printer built for solid and reliable retail performance.
$279.00 (Inc GST)

SAM4S GCUBE 100D Thermal Printer USB RS232 ETH interface Blk, Fast speed printing up to 250mm/sec, in Front feeding possition, loading is also from the front, Flexible Composition
$284.00 (Inc GST)


Bixolon Srp-332ii Usb Ser Eth Receipt Printer, 220mm/sec print speed, 203dpi quality graphics, Paper saving features reduce paper usage by up to 25%.

$285.00 (Inc GST)

Bixolon SRP-330III USB+Serial+Eth Black Thermal Receipt Printer, 250mm/sec print speed, Internal buzzer, Paper saving features reduce paper usage by up to 25%, Thermal head designed to handle 150km of print and cutter designed to handle 1.8 million cuts.
$369.00 $285.00 (Inc GST)

CITIZEN CTD150 3" USB/Ethernet I/F Blk Thermal POS Printer, Low cost Thermal Printing, 250mm/sec. printing speed, Drop-in Paper Loading, Paper save function: Top Margin /Line Spacing / Font Compression, Low power consumption: Power Save Mode / USB Power Save Mode.

$289.00 (Inc GST)

Bixolon STP103III USB/RS232 Black Thermal Receipt Printer, Printing Speed up to 80 mm/sec, Drop in Paper loading, Manual Tear Bar
Ideal for In Car Applications, EFTPOS etc.
$295.00 (Inc GST)

Epson TM-T82III Thermal Direct Receipt Printer - Auto Cutter. Parallel & USB. ESC/POS. Epson Dark Gray. Incl PSU and IEC Cable
$295.00 (Inc GST)

Sunmi NT311 USB/ETH/BT/WIFI Printer, Triple protection.Specifically designed for a kitchen harsh environment, Fast 250 mm/sec Printing speed.
$399.00 $295.00 (Inc GST)

CT-D150 3" POS Thermal Printer with USB & RS-232 Serial Interface, Black Low cost Thermal Printing, 250mm/sec. printing speed, Paper save function: Top Margin /Line Spacing / Font Compression, Printer can be positioned Horizontally or Vertically.
$299.00 (Inc GST)

Element RW337D Ethernet/Serial/USB Compatible, Black Dot Matrix Kitchen Printer. It prints on plain paper in three widths, offering print speeds of 4.7 lines per second and dual colour printing support.
$349.00 $299.00 (Inc GST)

Epson TM-T82III Thermal Direct Receipt Printer
- Auto Cutter. Serial & USB. ESC/POS. Epson Dark Gray. Incl PSU, IEC and USB Cable
$389.00 $302.00 (Inc GST)


Receipt Printers CITIZEN CTS-310 II Thermal POS Printer.  the CT-S310 II fulfils today‘s demand for green IT products. The integrated Energy Star® power supply is one of the most efficient at managing power consumption.

$385.00 $309.00 (Inc GST)

SAM4S GCUBE 100D Thermal Printer USB RS232 ETH interface White, Fast speed printing up to 250mm/sec, Flexible Design: Front & Top Feeding (Waterproof), in Front feeding possition, loading is also from the front, Setting : LED notification, NFC function.
$309.00 (Inc GST)

Element RW873, 3 inch, Thermal, Front Feed, POS Printer
Auto Cutter. Ethernet, Serial and USB. ESC / POS. Black. Incl PSU and Serial and USB cable
$489.00 $309.00 (Inc GST)


Overview of Receipt Printers

Receipt printers are essential components of point-of-sale (POS) systems used in various businesses. They play a crucial role in generating accurate and professional-looking receipts for customers after each transaction. Receipt printers are designed to quickly print detailed transaction information, including itemised lists, prices, taxes, and payment methods. This ensures a seamless and efficient checkout process while providing customers with a clear record of their purchases.

Importance of Receipt Printers in POS Systems

Receipt printers are indispensable tools for businesses of all sizes, ranging from retail stores and restaurants to hotels and service providers. They streamline the sales process, enhance customer service, and provide tangible proof of purchase. Additionally, modern receipt printers often integrate with POS software, allowing for automatic printing of receipts, customization options, and real-time data synchronization.

Introduction to POS Central as a Provider of Receipt Printers

At POS Central, we understand the significance of reliable and high-quality receipt printers for businesses. As a leading provider of POS solutions, we offer a wide range of receipt printers to meet diverse business needs. Our goal is to empower businesses with efficient and dependable printing solutions that enhance customer experience and streamline operations.

Types of Receipt Printers

Thermal Receipt Printers

Thermal receipt printers utilize heat to create images on heat-sensitive paper. They offer fast and quiet printing, making them ideal for high-volume environments. The prints are smudge-proof and fade-resistant, ensuring long-lasting receipts. Thermal receipt printers are commonly used in retail stores, restaurants, and hospitality establishments.

Dot Matrix Receipt Printers

Dot matrix receipt printers use a series of pins to create characters and images on paper. They offer durability and can withstand harsh environments, such as kitchens or industrial settings. Dot matrix printers are known for their ability to print on multi-part forms, making them suitable for applications that require duplicate receipts or order tickets.

Inkjet Receipt Printers

Inkjet receipt printers work by spraying ink onto paper to create prints. They offer high-quality color printing and are often used in businesses that require vibrant and detailed receipts, such as specialty retail stores or galleries. Inkjet printers are also versatile, as they can be used for other printing purposes beyond receipts.

Features and Considerations

Print Speed and Resolution

The print speed determines how quickly receipts are generated. It is essential to choose a printer with a speed suitable for your business's transaction volume. Additionally, considering the print resolution ensures clear and legible receipts, especially if your business requires printing small fonts or detailed graphics.

Connectivity Options

Receipt printers can connect to POS systems via various interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. Choosing the right connectivity option depends on your POS setup and the flexibility required for your business. It's important to ensure compatibility with your existing hardware and software infrastructure.

Paper Handling and Size Compatibility

Receipt printers support different paper sizes, including standard 80mm or 58mm width rolls. Some printers can handle multiple paper widths or support additional paper types, such as labels or sticky receipts. Assess your business's requirements to determine the optimal paper-handling capabilities.

Integration with POS Systems and Software

Seamless integration between your receipt printer and POS system is crucial for efficient operations. Ensure that the printer you choose is compatible with your POS software and supports the necessary protocols for data exchange. Integration can provide features like automatic receipt printing and sales reporting.

Reliability and Durability

A reliable and durable receipt printer is essential for uninterrupted operations. Look for printers with solid build quality and a reputation for longevity. Consider factors such as the printer's mechanism, expected lifespan, and manufacturer warranty to ensure a reliable investment.

Maintenance and Support

To keep your receipt printer functioning optimally, consider maintenance requirements such as paper roll replacement and printhead cleaning. Additionally, check for available technical support options, including online resources, user manuals, and responsive customer support channels, to address any issues that may arise.

Popular Receipt Printer Brands

  • Element: Element is known for reliable and innovative receipt printers, offering high-speed thermal and durable dot matrix models.
  • BIXOLON: BIXOLON is globally recognized for high-performance thermal and dot matrix receipt printers with versatile connectivity options.
  • Epson: Epson delivers cutting-edge technology with thermal and dot matrix receipt printers known for speed, reliability, and ease of use.
  • NEXA: NEXA offers cost-effective receipt printers as part of their point-of-sale solutions, catering to businesses with diverse needs.
  • CITIZEN: CITIZEN is renowned for their reliable and high-quality receipt printers suitable for various industries.
  • Honeywell: Honeywell provides reliable receipt printers with advanced features and versatile connectivity options.
  • Posiflex: Posiflex offers a range of receipt printers known for their durability, performance, and compatibility with different POS systems.
  • SAM4S: SAM4S specializes in durable and efficient receipt printers for various business environments.
  • Sewoo: Sewoo offers reliable and user-friendly receipt printers with advanced features and connectivity options.
  • Star: Star manufactures high-quality thermal receipt printers known for their speed, reliability, and compatibility.
  • TSC: TSC provides a range of reliable receipt printers suitable for different industries, offering fast printing and easy integration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a receipt printer?
A: A receipt printer is a type of printer specifically designed to print receipts, invoices, and other types of point-of-sale (POS) documents. POS Receipt printers are typically thermal, impact, dot matrix, mobile, or wireless printers.

Q: What is the difference between a thermal & an impact receipt printer?
A: Thermal receipt printers use heat to transfer ink onto the receipt, while impact receipt printers use physical force to print onto the receipt. Thermal printers are generally faster and produce clearer prints, while impact printers are more durable and are better for printing in high volume.

Q: What is the difference between mobile & wireless receipt printers?
A: Mobile receipt printers are designed to be portable and can be carried around with you, while wireless receipt printers use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to your POS system without the need for cables.

Q: How do I choose the right receipt printer for my business?
A: The right receipt printer for your business depends on your specific needs and requirements. Consider factors such as the type of business, the volume of printing, the size of the receipts, and the features you require.

Q: Are receipt printers compatible with all POS systems?
A: Not all receipt printers are compatible with all POS (Point of sale) systems. It's important to check the compatibility of your receipt printer with your POS system before making a purchase.

Q: Do receipt printers come with software and drivers?
A: Most receipt printers come with the necessary software and drivers for installation, but it's always best to check with the manufacturer before making a purchase.

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