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Label Printers

Welcome to POS Central, your premier online destination to buy label printers for sale in Australia. Elevate your business operations with our top-quality label printers, available for purchase online and designed to cater to diverse needs. Whether you're looking to buy printers for efficient barcode labels or other printing requirements, our online range offers optimal performance.

Businesses nationwide trust POS Central for reliable and efficient label printers that are for sale online. With our extensive experience and proven systems, we ensure that you can effortlessly produce easily-scannable barcode labels, streamlining your processes.

Explore our online range of label printers for sale and buy highly efficient print labels today. POS Central is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to enhance your business efficiency. Visit us now and take the next step towards seamless online printing solutions.
Dymo LabelWriter 550 Food Service, Retail, Visitor Management Direct Thermal Printer - Monochrome - Portable - Label Print - USB - Black - 1 lps Mono - 300 x 300 dpi - 61 mm Label Width - For PC, Mac
$250.00 $139.00 (Inc GST)

Dymo LabelWriter 550 Turbo Food Service, Retail, Visitor Management Direct Thermal Printer - Monochrome - Label Print - Ethernet - USB - Black - 1.5 lps Mono - 300 x 300 dpi - 61 mm Label Width - For PC, Mac
$159.00 (Inc GST)

Honeywell PC42E-T,USB,Ethernet,203dpi,Black,1 & 0.5",No power cord (Requires CAIEC for Australia and New Zealand)
$489.00 $314.00 (Inc GST)

The Brother VC-500 Colour Label Printer uses cutting-edge technology to guarantee a professional, full colour finish on every bespoke project youwant to personalise.
$319.00 (Inc GST)


Dymo Labelwriter 5xl (Lw5xl) Label Printer

$329.00 (Inc GST)

TSC DA-210 4"USB Direct Thermal Label Printer
$429.00 $344.00 (Inc GST)

$345.00 (Inc GST)

$379.00 (Inc GST)

Bixolon XD3-40TEK 4" USB Thermal Transfer Label Printer
$379.00 (Inc GST)


The TSC TDP-225 Pritner features a user-friendly clamshell design with a large 5” OD center-biased media capacity and a fast 5 inches per second print speed. Simply open the cover and drop your labels into the printer spring-loaded media guide.

$499.00 $399.00 (Inc GST)

BIXOLON SLP-DX220G 2" DIRECT THERMAL LABEL PRINTER, The 2-inch (60mm) SLP-DX220 is BIXOLON s most compact Direct Thermal label printer. With media handling capabilities from receipt through label tag stock and wristbandsI
$399.00 (Inc GST)

Honeywell Pc42e-T TT 300dpi Eth/Usb Blk Printer
$399.00 (Inc GST)

- Included items: P-touch Editor Software & Driver (Web Download), AC Power Cable, USB Cable, Starter Rolls: DK-11247 Diecut Large Shipping Labels (41 labels), DK-22205 Continuous Length Paper Tape – 2.4 (62mm) x 16.4'
$429.00 (Inc GST)


The XD3-40d is BIXOLON's new 4-inch direct thermal desktop label printer. Ideal for the logistics and warehousing industries due to its compact
$429.00 (Inc GST)


Direct Thermal Printer ZD220; Standard EZPL, 203 dpi, Australia Power Cord, USB

$519.00 $429.00 (Inc GST)

TSC TE210 USB+RS-232+ETH DT/TT Label Printer
$529.00 $433.00 (Inc GST)

Bixolon XD3-40TEK 4" Ser+USB+Eth Thermal Transfer Label Printer
$445.00 (Inc GST)

Zebra ZD411 203 dpi USB, Direct Thermal Printer ZD411 203 dpi USB USB Host Modular Connectivity Slot BTLE5 APAC Cord Bundle EU UK AUS JP Swiss Font EZPL
$559.00 $449.00 (Inc GST)

Thermal Transfer Printer (74M) ZD220; Standard EZPL, 203 dpi, Australia Power Cord, USB
$525.00 $473.00 (Inc GST)

CITIZEN CL-E300 203 Dpi USB, Ethernet & RS232 Black Direct Thermal Label Printer
$519.00 (Inc GST)


(ETA 6 - 8 weeks)

The BIXOLON SLP-D420 new direct thermal label printer offers a proven and reliable label printing solution in the marketplace today. It is ideal for a vast number of various applications that require a dependable and cost effective barcode printer.

$529.00 (Inc GST)

Bixolon XD3-40DEK 4" USB/Serial/Ethernet D/T Label Printer
$529.00 (Inc GST)


Epson Tm-L90ii Linerless Label Ser/Usb Psu Blk

$529.00 (Inc GST)

BIXOLON 4" Direct Th Label Printer 203dpi USB IF Peeler
$529.00 (Inc GST)

How do I choose the best label printer?

Choosing the perfect label printer can be a game-changer for your business. With a myriad of options available, it's essential to consider factors such as print quality, speed, connectivity options, and compatibility with your existing systems. Assess your specific needs and workflow requirements to select a label printer that seamlessly integrates into your operations and enhances efficiency.

What’s the difference between a label maker and a label printer?

While both label makers and label printers serve the purpose of creating labels, they differ in functionality and capabilities. Label makers are typically handheld devices used for creating simple, one-off labels for personal or small-scale organisational tasks. In contrast, label printers are designed for larger-scale printing tasks, offering faster print speeds, higher print quality, and the ability to produce a variety of label sizes and materials. Businesses often opt for barcode printers to meet their commercial labeling needs efficiently.

Advantages of Label Printers for Businesses

Businesses choose label printers for their unmatched efficiency, versatility, and professional results. Label printers streamline labeling processes, whether for product labeling, inventory management, shipping, or compliance labeling. With features like high-speed printing, crisp resolution, and seamless integration with business systems, label printers empower businesses to enhance productivity, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

Key things to consider when buying a label printer

When investing in a label printer, several key factors warrant consideration. Evaluate factors such as print quality, speed, connectivity options (USB, Ethernet, wireless), compatibility with existing software systems, label size and material compatibility, ease of use, and ongoing maintenance requirements. Additionally, consider your specific business needs and budget constraints to make an informed decision that aligns with your objectives and workflow requirements.

Types of Label Printers available at our Store

Here are the types of label printers available at our store.

  • We have direct thermal label printers
  • Our collection includes industrial label printers
  • POS Central keeps an array of wireless label printers
  • Our collection has colour label printers

Get Greater Flexibility to change your Labels

With our top-notch printers, you can easily print courier labels, asset labels, colour and mono labels, etc. Legislative compliances may force you to change the way you’re labelling your goods. By shopping for the perfect label printer from our store, you’ll be able to gain control over your labelling process.

Reasons why you should procure a Label Printer

Here are the reasons why you should procure a label printer.

  • Our label printers decrease delivery time and overhead costs
  • With our label printers, greater savings along with broader profit margins remain assured
  • Our label printers help create custom labels

With our label printers, you can create and print your product labels instantly. Visit POS Central today to know more.

Gain Production Flexibility by buying Top-Quality Label Printers from POS Central

Label printers help businesses keep their stock and supplies orderly. Whether you are operating an e-commerce store or want to simplify warehousing, our label printers can help. Our purpose-built label printers can make your business operations a lot easier.

Keeping track of everything can be a grind if you are searching through identical crates. Buy the best-quality label printers from POS Central and make a huge difference. Our versatility sets us apart from the rest of the crowd. You can print a good selection of label types with our efficient label printers.

Maintain In-House Quality Control with our Feature-Rich Label Printers

At POS Central, we stock feature-rich label printers that will assist you in maintaining quality control. It is critical for your organisation to comply with packaging requirements established by external auditors. If you operate in the domain of regulated industries, our label printers are ideal.

For instance, you can invest in our Dymo LabelWriter 550 Turbo label printer. It is a direct thermal printer that can print monochrome labels. You can print 61 mm labels easily with this printer. On the other hand, our BIXOLON SLP-DX220G 2” SER+USB thermal printer is ideal for you to label inventories.

Types of Interfaces our Label Printers Support

Check the types of interfaces our label printers support.

  • Ethernet
  • Serial
  • Wi-Fi
  • MFI
  • RS-232 Serial

Print Essential Information on the Fly

You can print essential information on the go by purchasing label printers from our store. From serialising barcodes to placing the correct expiration dates, our label printers will make your job easier.

Most of the label printers available at our store are highly portable, which ensures that you print information instantly. You can connect the label printers available at our store with Wi-Fi. These printers also support connection via Ethernet cables.  

Eliminate the Need to Stock Printed Labels

It is easy to sort and discard obsolete labels with our efficient printers. Reduce unnecessary and lengthy downtimes with our advanced label printers. Furthermore, you will always be ready to ship your products at any time with the help of our printers. In this manner, you can decrease pressure on your warehouse.

POS Central Australia ships across the country. If you’ve any specific requirements associated with label printers, reach out to us today. To buy the best label printer, visit our store at the earliest

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What types of label printers are available at POS Central?

A: We offer a diverse range of label printers to meet various needs, including those for efficient barcode labeling and other printing requirements.

Q: Can I purchase label printers online from POS Central?

A: Yes, absolutely! POS Central provides a convenient online platform for you to explore, compare, and purchase label printers, enhancing your shopping experience.

Q: How do I choose the right label printer for my business?

A: Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you. Feel free to contact us, and we'll guide you in selecting the ideal label printer based on your specific business requirements.

Q: Are the label printers for sale reliable and efficient?

A: Absolutely. POS Central takes pride in offering reliable and efficient label printers for sale. Our products undergo thorough testing to ensure optimal performance.

Q: Can I print easily-scannable barcode labels with your printers?

A: Yes, our label printers are designed to produce easily-scannable barcode labels, streamlining your business processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

Q: How can I make a purchase from POS Central?

A: Simply visit our online platform, browse our selection of label printers for sale, and follow the easy steps to make a secure and efficient purchase.

Q: Does POS Central offer any warranties or support for the purchased label printers?

A: Yes, we provide warranties and comprehensive support to ensure your satisfaction with our label printers. Contact our customer support for assistance.

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