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1 Edikio Duplex printer (dual-sided, USB & ethernet) + 1 Edikio Software Pro Edition + 200 CR-80 black cards (PVC, matt) + 1 White monochrome Ribbon (1000 prints)

The Pro version of the Edikio software includes all of the functions needed to customize your price tags by adding your product information, your logo, and your font. Designed to make it easier to create and print your double-sided price tags, the software includes:
Features :
  • Customizable tag templates based on the product sold (fish, meat, bakery counter, etc.)
  • A library of more than “” images to optimize the customization of your price tags
  • File management made easy by detection of your most recently updated items
  • The option to authorize or restrict access to certain functions to a group of users
  • Password-protected access to the software
  • The exclusive “chalk” font which gives your price tags an authentic look
  • Connection to Excel databases to make it easier to update and track your prices