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Toshiba Full Size Raven Black Cash Drawer

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(#4884) TCx Cash Drawer (Wide -USB) Raven Black
Provides a wide cash drawer without a till. The cash drawer dimensions are: height 121.5mm (4.8-inch)/ width 442mm (17.4-in)/ depth 475mm (18.7-in). The cash drawer has a media slot that accommodates an approximately 20.0mm (0.75 in.) stack of documents. Cash drawer opening is under application program control. A lock insert or a non-operating lock plug must be specified at order entry time. Check the 'Specify' section for lock insert ordering instructions. A Premium cash drawer lock may be ordered in place of the standard keylock. The premium lock is provided for those customers who may want a different lock to restrict access to the cash drawer. This lock is a chargeable feature.

The premium lock features codes are #4360 through #4380. A maximum of two cash drawers in any combination (#4880, #4881, #4884, #4510, #4361, #4408, or #4409) can be attached to the system unit. The Distributed Cash Drawer Cable (#4522) should be ordered to enable the draw cash drawer to be distributed. The choice of a specified lock #9202-#9206, blank plug #9200 or premium keylock (#4360 -#4380) is need for cash drawer at order entry. Additionally, there are till options to select from Wide Cash Drawer Adjustable Till (#4870) or Wide Fixed Till (#4865).