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Our ergonomic home and office chairs replace heavy, complex mechanisms with the sitter’s own body weight and the laws of physics to encourage movement, providing the most comfortable chair available.

Monitor Arms

In today’s fully connected digital world, there’s no time for discomfort. Humanscale’s ergonomic monitor arms and mounts clear up clutter on the workspace to improve comfort, health, and productivity.
$429.00 (Inc GST)
$336.00 (Inc GST)
$209.00 (Inc GST)

Ergonomic Tools

Our ergonomic solutions support the Essential Workstation by providing additional comfort and reducing stress. Keep desks clutter-free with our cable management solutions and CPU holders or get relief for your feet with our footrests.
$130.00 (Inc GST)
$130.00 (Inc GST)

Sit/Stand Solutions

Created to be simple, functional, and stand the test of time, our sit/stand products allow users to change postures throughout the workday effortlessly, while promoting a healthy and balanced level of activity in the workplace.
$674.00 (Inc GST)
$590.00 (Inc GST)


With timeless design and near-perfect quality of light, Humanscale task lights are designed to last for 50,000 hours or 20 years of regular office use and can reduce overall energy costs by 67%.
$277.00 (Inc GST)

Keyboard Systems

As reach and vision drive posture, our keyboard tray allows the user to sit in a healthy, neutral posture through bringing the keyboard and mouse to the user in an ergonomic position.